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Binary MLM Software

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Uni Level MLM Software

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Generation Plan Software

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MLM Shopping Cart Software

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Binary MLM Calculator

Our calculator is web based software and not merely mathematical formula like excel. We provide you an opportunity to simulate your binary business plan in real time. This is similar to running a real MLM business website and not just a calculator. You just need to enter below details and our system will generate complete calculations in minutes.

  • Joining amount
  • Pair match amount
  • TDS percentage
  • Service charge percentage
  • Payout type - daily, weekly or monthly
  • Average joining per day - 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100 etc...
  • First time pair match - 1:1, 1:2 or 2:1 temporary, 1:2 or 2:1 permanently
  • Next pair match - 1:1 or 2:2
  • Ceiling - 5 pair, 10 pair, 30 pair etc...
  • Depth - Infinite, 5 levels, 10 levels, 20 levels, 25 levels etc...
  • Company structure - 31, 64, 128, 256 etc...
Why to use MLM Calculator?

Before we use the MLM Income calculator, it would be wise to take a minute to consider some important points that you need to understand before you make a decision to join a MLM company or start your own MLM Company.

  • Most of the MLM companies fail to release payout as promised because they realize the loss after few months from the start of their MLM business
  • In binary system, as the team is growing it becomes difficult and practically impossible to calculate profit & loss on a sheet of paper
  • It is difficult to decide the right combination of joining amount, pair match, ceiling and depth to frame a profitable and attractive MLM business plan
Why to use MLM Calculator?

This calculator is based on observing over 1000 organizations, successful and unsuccessful, over a 10-year time frame. The organizations represented multiple network marketing companies. While this makes for a very realistic calculation of what is POSSIBLE, it is not necessarily what WILL happen for you. Only you can take steps to fulfill your potential!

Long-term calculation of organizational growth is rather like long-term weather prediction. It's possible to get a general idea, but difficult to get an accurate picture due to the enormous number of ever changing variables. Keep in mind that much of what you get out of network marketing is based on what you put into it. This calculator is the first and only one to show this fact realistically.

What is MLM?

Multilevel Marketing began more than 60 years ago as part of the direct selling industry and has served a significant role in the introduction of many new consumer products and services to the marketplace. MLM, also known as network marketing, has had particular success as a vehicle to introduce many of the "new to the world" concepts in natural health products, weight loss and skin care products that we now consider commonplace in our everyday life.

In recent years, MLM has been adapted to technology-based products and services with amazing success. Dozens of companies have emerged to market telecommunications including long distance, local phone service, and even cell phones while others now encompass e-commerce and other web-based products. From life and health insurance to dental and legal services, every imaginable consumer product or service need is now fair game for this channel of distribution. As a result of this evolving marketplace, federal, state and local governmental agencies have recognized MLM as a legitimate channel of distribution, even as they have actively responded to the need for rational regulation within the industry.

Multi Level Networking Business Plan Analysis Service

We have professional and highly experience team with strong computer and mathematics knowledge who can provide complete analysis of you compensation plan. Once your plan is analysed by our experts you don't have to worry about it. They will show complete MLM business profit and loss and balance sheet for you business plan.

We have also developed free online binary calculator which is available in this website. Our binary MLM calculator is web based software and not merely mathematical formula like excel. We provide you an opportunity to simulate your binary business plan in real time. This is similar to running a real MLM business website and not just a calculator.

Multilevel Marketing Success

There are two things every MLM company must protect in order to have any potential for success its integrity and its momentum. If it loses either one of these, it will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to recover. To protect these two crown jewels, the company has four very basic responsibilities:

  • Deliver a quality product
  • Deliver the product on time - MLM
  • Pay the distributors, accurately and on time
  • Support the distributors
MLM Software Features

MLM Software or Network marketing website is never complete and it is long term evolving process. Features, facilities, technology, business flows are ever changing and we at Clamour Technologies understand that MLM software and website is the life blood of any network marketing company and we strive to make changes as an when requested by client to make sure that our client is able to give tough competition to other MLM companies in their location. There is end less list of features for our MLM Software but few of the standard and very commonly used features for any MLM Software or MLM project are listed below:

  • Replicated Websites
  • Inventory management
  • CAPTCHA Code
  • OTP facility
  • Mera Shopping Integration
  • Pre-paid MASTER Card facility
  • Instant e-pin Generator
  • E-wallet facility
  • SMS Blaster
  • Down-line Management
  • Online Sign-up Facility
  • Announcements and Blogs
  • Detail Payouts
  • Instant Welcome Letter
  • Bank Transfer Facility
  • Upload Photo Option
  • Billing Option
  • Cheque Printing Option
  • Dynamic News Column
  • Online Excel Reports
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Shopping Cart Facility
  • Advance Genealogy
  • Achievers Photo Gallery
  • Member Count on Website
  • Security Module
  • Support System
  • Facebook Registration
MLM Software Includes

Over a period of 7 years and dealing with more than 200 MLM clients, we keep on adding new features and facilities to our proven MLM software. Any network marketing companies have many types of users for their website and software and each of this user needs are different. Hence, our MLM Software solution is flexible to create various users based on rights and provide separate options for each user. With our experience, we have defined certain users which are very common for any MLM Company.

  • Admin Area
  • Website Area
  • Member Area
  • Franchise Area
  • Shopping Area

MLM Software | MLM Software Development Company

Are you looking for MLM Software ? Are you Starting New MLm (Multi Level Marketing Business ) ? Do you have any specific plan for your Mlm Software that you want to develop ?

if your answer is YES, you are at right place, if your answer is NO then you are looking for cheap mlm software company, we not work for you. we work only for customised mlm software plan. we not sell any readymade mlm software or script. We will develop your idea to improve your business.

We are the expert to develop MLM Software which help you to explain your business in easier way to your customers.

MLM Software is one of the leading MLM software development company in INDIA. It has been providing MLM services to many of the industries such as educational, manufacturing, production, agricultural, herbals etc. for the past 4 years. We provide services all over the World and have clients from all the regions. MLM Software is an industry that provides the most effective MLM software package that allows you to proficiently handle practically any Multi Level Marketing , network marketing or affiliate program.

MLM software comprises of everything that is needed to effectively manage your online MLM operation including membership features customization, advanced genealogy tracking, complete transaction and payment systems, shopping cart and support ticketing system modules, and many more. The software is bespoke by our developers to suit your exact requirements. We Provide MLM Software, MLM Consulting, MLM Training for your industry & also provide an in-house technical person to manage your MLM Software. Nearly all of the MLM companies in India & overseas are facing problem due to poor MLM software.


A successful MLM company runs by following the things that are listed below:

  • First-class Design Plan
  • Software Developer has to properly Review the Plan
  • Plan should involve Legal Points
  • Software Platform should be good
  • In-house Technical person should maintain Software after Development
  • Pay-Out should be done in correct time
  • Minimum time period

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